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Shindigs are not your average birthday party. Our parties are handcrafted and imagined with a love for details and full of personality and special touches. Gone are the days of discount store paper plates, plastic banners, and grocery store cakes. Welcome to the days of decor crafted by hand, personalized and whimsical parties that would make any child feel very special!

Are you a parent who wants the look of that latest pin on Pinterest or the picture from the magazine but you’re also juggling work and life? Do you want your child to feel special for their birthday but you don’t have the time or need the extra stress of every detail of party planning?

We give your child the best birthday gift ever; YOU! Instead of focusing on the party and all that it entails you are available and can be attentive to this moment in life that will soon be a sweet memory.

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What's included in a Themed Birthday Party Package?


In general, (each theme will specify an inventory) each Shindigs themed party includes:

30 min phone and 30 min walk through consultation

1 child sized banquet table (6 ft, regular width)

1 dessert/serving/craft table (choose 6 ft or 4 ft)

8 child-sized white wooden chairs

Linens - tablecloths, runners, chair wraps/ties

Centerpieces and table decor

Hanging wall and/or backdrop decor

Personalized printables (food labels, cupcake toppers, gift tags, water bottle wraps, etc.)

Glassware/Cups for drinking

Disposable plates, forks, spoons, napkins, and straws

Shindigs Signature theme accessories (varies - activity, dress up, etc.)

Suggested food (with recipes)

Suggested activity guide (some parties include an activity/supplies)

8 themed party favors (sometimes worked into the decor or activity)

Setup and tear down of the event (set up one hr advance, tear down 3 hours later )

$100 non-refundable booking fee; pricing varies by theme and starts at $299

ADD Shindigs Signature Hosting & Enjoy The Party!



Step it up a notch for the complete Shindigs experience! You will be so glad you did! We attend your party as host(s). We set up as normal but add an additional area for crafting and activities (depending on the theme this may be a table or an area of the party). We provide your party with structure, an age-appropriate game/activity, and a personalized craft they can take home. We bring with us any supplies we need to do the activity, game, or craft. Upon completion, we tear down your party. Four hours of total manned time, and a wonderful experience for your birthday child and YOU!

$100 non-refundable booking fee; pricing varies by theme and starts at $499.00

**SPECIAL: If Shindigs Signature Hosting is added to your party package you will receive a FREE photo backdrop or $40 discount on a mini treat table!**

The Cherry On Top! Cake, Cookies, Candy, Balloons, and More!


"Cherry on Top" Add-ons are available, and recommended.

Add a cake from one of our recommended bakeries, cookies from Mrs. V's, a themed mini treat table, our mini candy cart, a photo backdrop, balloons, a balloon arch, a face painter, or even a dress-up character! We can take your party WAY the Shindigs cherry on top!

**SPECIAL: If Shindigs Signature Hosting is added to your party package you will receive a FREE photo backdrop or $40 discount on a mini treat table!**

Age Recommendation


When planned, our parties are themed for ages 5-12. **Please see baby, pre-school, and teen/tween party pages for different age groups/themes.**

The only limitation is that parties with adult-sized table and chairs can ONLY accommodate 8 persons where the child-sized table and chairs can accommodate up to 10. Our standard rates are for 8 guests. Should you desire 10 guests with adult-sized setup, an upgrade fee of $20 for an 8 ft. table plus our regular per additional guest fee, will apply. Please keep in mind this will also require additional space at your chosen location.

We meet with you and take notes on your child's age, preferences, etc. and adjust our setup. For example, a party may be done in child-sized tables/chairs and the activity geared for smaller children but you love the theme and you have an eleven-year-old. We'll adjust the table and chair size and activities to match your child's age and preferences while still remaining in the theme. If additional charges apply (typically they do not) you will be informed.

Bottom line up front, don't be discouraged, even if your 15-year-old is diggin' a construction or princess party, let's do it! We can easily make wishes come true!



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