Cake Pops (S’Mores Too) Now Available @ Shindigs!

Cake Pops

I always say that you should do something that scares you a little (not terrifies you) every day. That’s how you grow. Well, last week I took on cake pops. Why not? They scare me. I am a baker. I love to bake. I make amazing cookies and some pretty scrumptious cupcakes too. Cake pops? Well, those were for the professionals. Except I realized very quickly when setting treat tables for my clients that cake pops are crazy expensive if you have to outsource them. I decided I would give them a shot. I now know why they are craaaazy expensive! Hahahahaha! They’re not exactly the EASIEST thing I’ve ever done but they turned out great. Even my neighbors can vouch for me. They were my taste testers!

Those wonderful little balls of goodness… they scared me, but I conquered them anyway. Take that, cake pop! Or, rather, come here…let me take a bite out of you! Yum, yum, yum!

Cake pops – they’re on the menu now at Shindigs! Get your dozen for $24 by calling 940-455-7349 or emailing While you’re at it order one of my classic favorites – S’Mores Pops (a gooey marshmallow dipped in chocolate with graham cracker coating). A dozen will run you $18 but for the calories you will have to run…well, we won’t about that. Happy Fourth!


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