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Our Shindigs Cart is a unique and incredibly different way to celebrate. Our completely collapsible cart was designed and purchased from Fine Features in the United Kingdom. It had quite a journey to travel to Texas!

It is the perfect touch to add to your wedding reception, bridal or baby shower, birthday party, or corporate event. Honestly, it is an incredibly different way to celebrate and could be a party in itself, tailored to fit any get-together.

We know you simply cannot wait to book the Shindigs cart and want to know how much it will be to do so. Our prices are based on many factors such as the number of guests, the style of decor or the level of personalization you request, the type of glassware or bowls you would like to use for display, and of course the type of candy, chocolates, or even savory offerings you wish to provide your guests. There are limitless possibilities for the cart! We encourage you to think outside the box and see what you think of some of these custom ideas.

We have created three standard cart options for you to browse, along with some suggested guidelines to use when pricing custom options. These should help you in your planning. We are happy to see what we can do to work within your budget so please allow us the opportunity to try to create something wonderful for your special day!


Shindigs treat cart is designed to match your event or theme and features jars accented with custom ribbons and tags, and has uniquely styled serve ware and decor (such as hand-crafted paperwork, custom banner, ribbons, etc.). The cart not only includes a few candy choices but Mrs. V’s custom sugar cookies along with your choice of yummy desserts. We include glassine or cello favor bags for each guest. Our cart style-out includes a phone consultation and optional event location visit, setup, up to 4 hour rental, and tear down.

Serves approx. 25-50 guests

Candy (2-4 choices from this list, amount dependent on guests)

Dessert (2-4 choices, 1 dozen each)

Mrs V’s Custom Sugar Cookies (1 each, asst. sizes)

Shindigs punch with serving cups (1 each)

Themed treat cart; 30 min. consultation

“Leavings” carton for hosts

$225 base price + $5.00 per person


Shindigs candy cart is heaven for a sweet tooth! Featuring a tiered serving area with 10 jars accented with ribbons and tags, your choice of awning fabric, ribbon streamers, and a banner/decor item that is color coordinated to match your event. We include glassine or cello favor bags for each guest. Our cart style-out includes a phone consultation and optional event location visit, setup, 4 hour rental, and tear down.

Serves 1/2 lb. (8 oz.) to 120 guests or 1/4 lb. (4 oz.) to 240 guests

Candy (10 choices from this list)

30 – 60 min. consultation

“Leavings” carton for hosts

$750, Inclusive

Please note: Mrs. V’s cookies can be added for $1.50 per cookie, or additional candy can be restocked at $1.75 per person if ordered in advance should you have more guests that you wish to accommodate. However, if additional candy is needed for restocking a Shindigs cart attendant must be hired for the event.

Don’t see your favorite candy on the list? Need something a little bit different? Ask for a custom quote. We can customize our cart any way you’d like to. Please see our custom considerations below. 


Ideal for event planners who do their own decor, company event, wedding reception, or holiday party.

Our cart is the ultimate showpiece. We know there are many of you who love to plan and execute a good shindig as much as we do but don’t want to have to afford or store a large piece like this for events. This option is for the cart ONLY. It does not include glassware, decorations, serving ware, treat bags, candy, or treats. It does include your choices of awning fabric, delivery, setup, 4 hour rental (extended rental time can be arranged for an additional fee), and teardown of the cart.

Please note NO DECORATIONS are allowed to be placed on our cart without approved attachments (Scotch Command Adhesives) and must be placed in the presence of Shindigs representative during setup. Removal of your decor and/or offerings is not our responsibility and must be done prior to teardown. If decor or offerings are present they will be disposed of properly. We encourage you to appoint a person of responsibility to oversee the cart during the entire event should you go this route.

 $225, CART ONLY


Pricing Guide/Consideration for Custom Designs

The cart hire is more than just a cart. Please consider client interaction and design time, choice of glassware and cost(s) associated, food or candy offerings/quality, shipping and special handling fees associated with your offerings choice(s), decoration and personalization level requested, transportation manpower and costs, rental time and manpower, attendant fees, event location insurance requirements, etc.

Our full TERMS OF SERVICE are available here on our site. Please read through them all. Those specific to CART RENTAL are below.

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Our cart features basic candy jars and vases, typically clear glass. If you're looking for vintage glass, elegant serving pieces, cake stands, etc. we can provide them for you at an additional cost.

Design and Decor

Our Signature Cart designs are themed and coordinated to your event and feature much more decor than our Candy Cart which features a choice of awning material, jar tags and ribbons, ribbon streamers, and a banner that is color coordinated to match your event.

We can design and deliver just about anything! We love a custom request and big ideas! Pricing depends on the level of personalization and the decor items that will have to be acquired.

Cart Offerings

We feature basic candy from this list on our standard option cart designs. However, custom designs can be easily done.

You may wish to choose to color-coordinate your bridal or baby shower, maybe offer your birthday guy's favorite childhood candies, or your reception guest's an elegant treat of gorgeous custom chocolates designed by Yeli Belly chocolates of Southlake, TX. Pricing depends on the choices.

You can utilize Candy Warehouse, Yeli Belly Chocolates, or Old Time Candy as a reference for sweets.

Feelin' a bit salty, even sassy? You might want to go a completely different direction than sweets and offer savory options or a craft beer cart. As we said, the possibilities are limitless!

Cart Serving Size

It is a good rule of thumb to offer guests 1/2 lb. (8 oz.) of candy per person. Some would argue this is entirely too much, and we agree if you're serving additional treats or a full meal at your event. If that is the case, you can look at 1/4 lb. (4 oz.) of candy per person.

A 5 lb. bag of candy is 80 oz. It can serve approx. 10-20 people. Our candy cart (unless you choose to add additional servings) is 60 lbs. of candy. It can serve 120 at 1/2 lb. or 240 at 1/4 lb.

Custom Treat Bags

Treat bags can be custom designed and printed. You may also opt to have a decorative bag. Prices vary.

Custom Favors

Custom favors can be created to be featured on the cart itself or at your event tables for your guests. Pricing varies with choice and personalization of favor.

Cart Attendant

$25 per hour; this person is there to assist in serving, clean up, and monitor the cart/candy. Restocking the candy will only happen if you have chosen to add additional candy above the 60 lbs. standard.

Transportation and Delivery Area

The area served in the pricing above is the area within a 25 mile radius of Argyle, TX. Should your event be further than that, it is still possible to book our cart. There will be an additional mileage and time fee. You'll be quoted that fee based on your event location when you request your reservation.



Rental Duration

The rental time for our carts is 4 hours. The cart is actually on site longer than this as this is actual "event" time and does not include time to setup or tear down.

Tear down must start by 10pm to be included in this pricing. Should you wish to have the cart for a longer rental time or overnight, this can be arranged for an additional fee.

Reservations/Deposits/Payment Plans

A $100 non-refundable reservation fee is needed to secure your date. This fee is applied to your final total. The final payment is due per Shindigs Terms of Service.

A damage deposit of $100 (via check or credit card) is needed prior to your event date. The deposit will only be processed should the cart or it's accessories suffer any damage. Should the damage be in excess of $100 the client will be billed and prompt payment is expected.

Shindigs can set up a payment plan to make the booking even easier by spreading the cost, although a deposit is enough to secure any date.

Licensed and Insured

Shindigs is fully licensed and insured in the state of Texas and can provide all necessary documentation needed by your event location.