Cheer Party – “Chloe is GR8!”

We have started offering custom papercrafts and party supplies here at Shindigs! Having a blast making up new designs and cannot wait until fall when we can deck out our Etsy shop with all we are creating! Things have started to pick up and parties are being booked. Life is good!

During the designing of some of those party supplies for upcoming events last week we paused to take a moment to celebrate our very own, Chloe Crooks’ eighth birthday! She had been gone for a week with her grandma and returned to having her room repainted and redecorated and a party at my brother’s gorgeous new pool! I make amazing cupcakes, but this kid wanted a cheer cake from Kroger. What’s a mom to do? Yes, you’re correct. This mom went and ordered Kroger cupcakes. She didn’t want anything major and I was trucking all of this stuff clear across Dallas to my brother’s home so we went with simple, inexpensive, and sweet! I was able to pack a bunch of power behind it though with cute additions!

I want to share a story with you though because it has been on my mind. We did this treat table up and my sister in law was really in love with what I had done. I will tell you exactly what I told her, this table is NOTHING compared to what goes into our full party plans. It doesn’t even touch the tip of the iceberg. I found myself explaining to her all that comes with a Shindigs party and the planning that goes into them all. A treat table like this takes about 1/8 of the time it takes to do a full themed party. We include so much more. She and I got into a lengthy discussion about how wonderful that all was but that some people may just want a little treat table like this.

She doesn’t know this, but she inspired a new offering from Shindigs. Soon you should see a mini treat table that can be customized to your birthday celebration and presented as your centerpiece for your celebration for a very reasonable price. This is a great option for those that just want a little something extra for the celebration but don’t want a full custom or themed party or a large treat table design.

Here’s where I want to do something different on the blog, though. I want to share with you what it costs to do something like this. I do this with love. I think so often when someone asks for a quote that they don’t mean to offend someone by freaking out that a party is $600. I truly believe that they are probably having $600 parties and don’t even realize it. I know I didn’t. I used to do large get-togethers and because I purchased things separately or I grabbed something I had previously invested in, I didn’t realize how much money was quickly adding up. When a party is planned, hand-crafted, and presented to you with little to no effort on your part you only see what you see in the invoice and you see it all at once. That makes a difference. One of the most informational blog posts I have read in awhile in regards to parties broke down the true cost of a treat table for everyone to see. It was an eye-opening experience.

We are all so inspired and engaged on Pinterest and we see these parties that are incredible works of art. They’re gorgeous. Then, we ask our party planner to recreate them for $200. It’s just not possible. I always say if you don’t have time, you need to have money. If you don’t have money, you need to have time (and talent). Wouldn’t it be great to have tons of it all? You can do things a bit cheaper on your own (sometimes) IF you have the time and imagination to make something out of a Dollar Tree find. Chances are though, those aren’t the pins you’ve been pinning.

I thought I would break this table down for you so you could truly see what it takes to make one happen. I found it interesting and a great exercise for me to see the total of what goes into what I do.

Here’s what I chose for the party:

Table – 4ft
Tablecloth – I’m a stickler for a fabric table covering. It really steps up the design a notch.
Additional accent piece – table covering, sewn fabric, runner, or even use wrapping paper as an accent.
Custom party banner
Custom party cupcake toppers
Custom party straws
Cups, plates, napkins, forks, spoons
Letter candy dishes
Candies – we went with Chloe’s favorites and did Hershey’s kisses and I found mints wrapped in blue!
Treat 1 – Kroger cupcakes & cake.
Treat 2 – Chocolate covered oreos (I made additional ones that I added to the risers with extra chocolate I had.)
Treat 3 – Marshmallows worked great for the rock candy I found in her color palette.
Serveware – I used the letter candy dishes, one small white serving, four acrylic stands, a cake stand, and two glass jars. I also used a galvanized holder for the utensils.
Decor – Aside from the custom partyware I added ribbon to the cake plate, a few custom NAME stars on sticks with ribbon to the marshmallows, some cute handmade confetti, and four tulle poufs that I made in her colors. Ribbons and extra tulle helped accent the banner and hide the pins keeping it on the table.

Let’s tally it up!

Table – $40
Tablecloth – $15
Accent fabric – $12
Custom party banner (time making not included and we can’t include my equipment, right?) paper, ribbon, glue, and jewels – $14
Custom party cupcake toppers (same story on the time and equipment) paper, glue dots, and straws – $7
Custom party straws (again, same story) paper, glue dots, straws – $4
Cups, plates, napkins, forks, and spoons – $18
Letter candy dishes – $45
Candies – $8
Kroger cupcakes and cake – $22
Chocolate covered oreos (not counting time) chocolates, mold & supplies, and cookies – $25
Marshmallows and rock candy – $7
Serveware – $100
Decor- $12
Total invested: $329

Yes, there are several things here that can be reused and that is the beauty of the business. There also is no monetary compensation for time for shopping, creating, designing or machine costs added in this total.  I’m thinking that it is not a bad deal at all to offer this type of treat table to clients for $200. As a matter of fact, I think I want to book one for my own 40th birthday! If only I had a clone!

Happy birthday, Chloe!

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