Children Allo”wed”


Children. They’re sometimes messy. They’re very active. They can be loud. They’re easily bored. These things, well, they don’t usually mix well with the perfectly planned wedding.

The truth is, though, that those precious ones would love to be a part of your very special event. They’re sometimes the life of the party. It also may hinder some of your guests ability to attend and be a part of your special day if they cannot bring their children along.

Don’t exclude children from your celebration! Tell your guests that Children are Allo”wed”!

Shindigs has you covered and we’ll keep em’ busy!

All children need are some “kid-friendly” options and activities. Shindigs will style a child-friendly area that is designed according to your theme and colors and also provide hostesses to entertain them with games, crafts, activities and more!* The area includes child-sized tables and chairs and activity stations. We also include favors. We do not typically include food or beverage as this is done with your reception. We will, however, be happy to book our candy cart or do a fun kid’s treat table for your event.

Our Children Allo”wed” activity tables are geared toward children ages 3-8 but can easily be adapted to include up to 12 years of age (we just add adult sized table and chairs).  Let it be known that we’ve seen parents coloring in the corner!

Contact us about your event to get started on your quote –

*This is not a replacement for parenting or a child-care service. The area is designated, decorated, and kid-friendly with some supervision of activities.  Parents must remain on site and accessible.