Custom | Ideas

Shindigs treat tables just beg for you to customize them to your event. There are so many “bar” or “treat” ideas out there. We would love to style the perfect table just for you!

Try some of these ideas on for size or visit our Pinterest page for some inspiration:

  • S’Mores bar
  • Trail Mix bar
  • Ice Cream bar
  • Popcorn bar
  • Hot dog bar
  • Potato Chip bar
  • Mimosa bar
  • Coffee bar
  • Hot Cocoa or Cider bar
  • Yogurt bar
  • Cereal bar
  • Bagel bar
  • Donut bar
  • Soda bar
  • Beer bar
  • Snow cone bar
  • Cupcake bar
  • Float (Root Beer etc.) bar
  • Cookie bar
  • Taco bar
  • Margarita bar
  • Pie bar
  • Snack station

Give us your idea and we’ll run with it! Options include complete setup of the table or simply the style out and you can provide the food items to stock the table.