Our Cart is the “Cherry on Top”

Oh I simply could not wait! When our cart arrived two weeks ago you’d have thought it was Christmas in June! The truck pulled up to the house and it was FINALLY HERE! I had ordered it from the United Kingdom almost five months ago (no, seriously, I think my friends were starting to think I was lying) and there it was. It was glorious. It made its way across the ocean and into the port of Houston, through customs and to my doorstep.


Unfortunately, it’s not like they roll it off of the truck in all of its glory. Nope, it was all collapsed and wrapped, and I am telling you bolted, screwed, nailed, glued …you name it…to this GIGANTIC crate that it was shipped in. I had to wait FIVE HOURS for my husband to come home to help me navigate the unpackaging. There we were on a hot Texas summer night in our garage unpacking “the cart” at 9:30pm. I am sure our neighbors had thought we had lost our marbles.


It wasn’t long until it was all assembled but the first pics looked a little bit rough. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to share my gorgeous cart with anyone quite yet. This was its first impression, after all. I couldn’t help myself and I snapped a pic. Yes, even with the shadows, the crate, messy garage, and hubby in the background I still thought it was spectacular!


That was, until I saw it all dressed up! For the next week I worked on the theme – I took on hand crafted paper pinwheels, bought jars, found fun cherries, and much more! This week  we put it all together and did a photo shoot to celebrate “Shindigs Signature Cart” inaugural day! It’s a new holiday, haven’t you heard?

I chose to dress her up in “Cherries on Top” as that is what Shindigs is in my book – the cherry on top of life! I do hope you love her and see the potential that I do. I can see the cart at weddings, receptions, 40th birthday parties, retirements, community events, corporate events, even small business grand openings! The ways we can decorate or the offerings we can add are endless! This is going to be so much fun!

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