Quick and easy “Easter Carrots”

Last year Chloe’s teacher hit me up for a fun class Easter treat. The catch? Could not be candy. Well, there went my “I’ll just swing by Target and grab you some Easter candy” plan. Yes, I know, it needs to be healthy and they don’t need the sugar. I forget that – because as I sit in my quiet office typing this that poor teacher is dealing with 20 messy-giggly children – giving them sugar is not the best plan even if it is the easiest. Don’t worry, I still got my “swing by Target” in – some things are necessity.

You know where I went when it was time to search for ideas. Pinterest. Who doesn’t? As I scrolled through I was thinking … that has mom’s #nailedit Pinterest fail written all over it. I needed it to be quick and easy. So easy that there would not be any giant eruption of drama when the girls and I sat down to craft together or when it had to be carried into school with all of the additional accouterments.

I scrolled and I scrolled and then I found it – viola! I’ll make carrots.

Now, hold on. Don’t get all crazy thinking I have time to plant and grow carrots. I’m going to make them. Not in the fashion they “make” baby carrots either. Did you even know those weren’t grown that way?

Sorry. Squirrel! Back to our project.  We are going to make carrots.

I promise, this won’t hurt. It takes very little supplies:

8 Boxes of orange crackers – you can use Cheez its, Cheese Nips, Goldfish, etc.*  I chose Annie’s Bunnies because I love Target and because, well, they’re bunnies and it’s Easter.

Green ribbon – I searched Hobby Lobby like an FBI agent looking for rik-rak to go with these but they didn’t have any. A sheer green ribbon with rik-rak would have been adorable!

Disposable icing bags. Yes, you could do this with any plastic bag and use the side of it as the point but icing bags are inexpensive and they’re much easier and cuter. They’re found in the aisle for cake decorating at your local craft store.


Very patient mom – if you figure out where to find one of these let me know. Obviously, it is not required, only optional.

First, prepare your project. Empty the crackers out (we’re going to measure them so they’re even), cut the ribbon, and lay out the bags.

Then, take the measured crackers and place them in the plastic icing bag.

Tie off the top with the green ribbon. We added a small touch by cutting the tops with pinking sheers.

That’s it! You’re done. Load those babies up in a container for carrying (found these cute ones at Walmart for .97 cents!) and you’re the envy of the Easter Bunny. You know he’s wishin’ he had it this easy!

Happy Easter!

*Variations on the idea could include orange M&Ms, orange Reese’s Pieces, or even Cheetos but I choose to not want my child’s teacher to want to put me on the naughty list with Santa Claus. From what I hear, he and EB are friends.

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