Shindigs Reviews

Personal Clients

“Cutest party EVER!  I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything cuter in my entire life! You are so incredibly talented and do such an excellent job!  I will certainly do all I can to help get your name out there…it won’t be hard at all to recommend someone, like you, who does the job to absolute perfection!  You’re amazing!” Tracy

“Tara’s skills at organizing events border on the mystical. How she keeps it all together, on track, and organized until the end is beyond me. I don’t care what the event (or what obstacles the world conspires to throw in the way), you won’t be sorry to have this captain at the wheel. She’ll take care of all of the details so that you can enjoy your event without worry. Definitely give her a shot!” – Corrie

“Tara is one of the most well planned and organized women I’ve ever met.  Her creativeness has no limits and She will blow you away with her clever ideas.” – Linelle

“Tara goes above and beyond to create unimaginable events.  From the moment you meet Tara, you can tell this is her passion.  She is very dedicated and thorough and will do whatever it takes to make all that she creates pure perfection!” – Danielle

“It has been a pleasure to work with Tara- she always has a great attitude and she treats you as she has known your for years.” – Kristina

Corporate/Business Clients

“Tara is an excellent manager of personnel and exceptionally talented managing multiple small and large scale task. She is a dedicated and Talented Professional that always exceeds the highest level expectations sought after by Fortune 500 companies.” – Jerry

“I have been an associate and client of Tara’s for more than a decade. Her illuminating personality combined with her creative talent is a winning combination. I have worked with her on more than one occasion in different capacities because she is a woman of high integrity and I know anything she is involved with is top notch.” – Laurie